Day 38 – Recovery

Day 38 actually began in the wee hours of the morning at the wedding. After getting to bed we slept and took it easy. Various other house guests were drifting off and by the time we were all fully awake, around midday, we once again had the house to ourselves.

Not surprisingly the kids were tired and a bit feral (actually a lot), so we just bummed around home till about 4pm, at which time we inflicted ourselves on the Waerzeggers. It was a pretty miserable day, it was windy, raining on and off and was probably no more than 15 degrees. Julie and Laurent were heading out with Ranjiv to Cannnes. So we sat and chatted with Alaine, Genevieve, Deborah and Gotch while our kids mucked up in background.

We said our final goodbyes around 6. As a final act of their fabulous hospitality the Waerzeggers agave us the food supplies we needed to make dinner and we headed off back to our accommodation to male dinner pack and try and get an early night in preparation for our long trip home which was due to start early the next morning.

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