Day 28 – Enroute to Brussels

Chris and Di woke up at 6.30am to say a heartfelt goodbye to Maike before she went to work. Maike is so warm, generous and lovely that it gives you hope for world peace if only more people were like that.

After Maike left we went back to bed for a couple of hours. We awoke around 9:30 and we resumed the packing process (Di not really we). Lucas had taken the morning off uni to help us get to the train station, which was very generous of him and made us feel very guilty. We finished packing about 10:30 and headed of to the tram to go one stop then catch a train two stops to Dom HBF, Koln’s main station.

We had coffee and cakes under the Dom while waiting for the train. We boarded a very nice looking train, said our good byes to Lucas and headed for Brussels. All of our train trips seem to have some sort of excitement and this one was no different. We couldn’t find our tickets. The guard cm along while Di and I were frantically looking for the tickets and asked me for or tickets. He must ave seen the stressed look on my face because he said he would come back later but never did. Di patiently searched every bag. I though we would never se our Eurail pass again. It was not where it should have been and I had not seen it for 6 days. Eventually Di our it and we relaxed and enjoyed the last hour of the trip.

Once we arrived we caught a taxi to our flat in Ixelles, Brussells and started to unpack (Di again), Chris went our to explore with the pretext of getting milk. Have returned from getting milk Chris found via the iPad that there was a screening of Avengers on in English at a cinema only 1.2kllm away. So we headed off there to have dinner and for Matthew and Chris to see the movie. After a quick dinner Di and Sophie caught a taxi back to the apartment and Chris and Matthew walked home after the movie.

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