Day 1 – En route to Singapore

Friday the 13th was our chosen departure date at 11am. After some hectic last minute packing and change of suitcases, it was off to the airport. Our scales were broken so we we unsure about our baggage weight.

Everything went smoothly. The taxi came quickly, our driver was really nice, had been to Europe and seemed geninely excited for us when we told him about our planned adventure abroad. He commented on how well behaved the children were in the back. The truth behind that is they were still half asleep. The trip across Sydney was quick (40 mins) and only a 10 min wait in line to check our bags. Once we had cleared customs we had a McBreakfast and waited for our flight. We had the last row on the ground floor in the middle 4 seats of the A380. The down side of these seats is that there were no window views.
Matthew watched Johhny English Reborn and laughed out loud during most of it. Then for the next hour he recounted the funny parts to Di and kept laughing. Sophie played a couple of different games on the screen then we played some word games. The food was pretty good and the hot towels were lovely.
Before we knew it we were landing in Singapore.


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