Day 4 – Old haunts and Singapore Flyer

This was our last day in Singapore so it was our last chance to visit those places that we had spent a lot of time when we had lived in Singapore in 2000/2001. the trip down memory lane started at Fraser place where we used to live. Actually not much had changed in 10 years. In fact the cleaners who cleaned up after us 10 years ago were still there and still cleaning. Doreen and Ah Whey remembered us (probably because we were such pigs)and hugs were exchanged. Ten years ago Matthew was very cute (before he could talk) and they were both pleased to see him. The manager showed us around and the place was unchanged since the last time we were there. Aside from the price going up substantially everything was the same.

From Fraser Place we went to UE Square where we used to shop. The supermarket had changed owners and the toy boat that Matthew loved was gone. The supermarket had also changed in that it now catered more for western customers. No blackened chickens and no pat pong.

After UE Square we walked to Liang Court for some Hiananese Chicken rice In the food court. After lunch we walked along Clarke and Boat Quays towards Chris’ old place of work, the OCBC head office. It was still lunch time and the streets were packed. This area had changed so much it was hard to recognize. Although the food court that Chris used to frequent was still there, still packed and still offering $3 meals.

It was very hot and we caught a taxi to the Singapore Flyer which is Singapore’s equivalent to the London eye. We had been calling the Singapore Flyer a Ferris wheel, but apparently that is like calling football, soccer. I can’t remember what it is supposed to be called so we still refer to it as Singapore’s ferris wheel. The views from the Flyer were magnificent and it was also nice to get out of the heat for a while. Matthew bought himself a t-shirt at the souvenir shop and we walked to the nearest MRT station to go back to Sue and Mark’s for dinner and to pack for our midnight flight to Paris.


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