Day 17 – Zug and Mortgartenberg

Sheridan and Chris headed off to walk up Mortgartenberg. Which is a nearby mountain 1244 meters. The walk involved a climb of 350 meters over about three klms up and 5 klms down. It seems that every peak in Switzerland has fabulous views and Morgartenberg was no exception. Walking in Switzerland is very, very different to the Blue Mountains. Climb most peaks in the blue mountains and you will be in wilderness, climb most peaks in Switzerland and you will have a restaurant, a dairy or a farmhouse at or near the top.

Sheridan at top of Mortgartenberg

Chris at top of Mortgartenberg

Farm house near Mortgertenberg

Farm house near Mortgertenberg

While Chris and Sheridan were climbing hills Di, Matthew, Sophie, Pia, Paige and Paul had gone down to the local park for a play. It is hard to keep an eye on your children when the views in the distance are snow capped mountains across a lake but no-one was hurt or got up to mischief and a great time was had by all. Playtime was cut a bit short after Paige’s nappy filled up and it was time to head home for her nap anyway.

After a couple of hours hanging around at home Chris and Sheridan came back and we all headed out to Villette Park in Cham. There was a lovely open field where kids were flying kites, couples were canoodling on the grass and swans were bobbing up and down on the lake. There was some wooden play equipment including a pirate ship, a small island with a bridge over to it, an old farm house with a church behind it from which we could hear bells avery 15 minutes. It was a pleasant hour or so that ended with an ice-cream before heading home for dinner. On our way across the field to the kiosk a kite swooped down and toushed Matthew on the head. I was walking a bit behind and watched it all happening (as these things do) in slow motion. I saw the kite swooping, Matthew ducking, being hit, the kite soaring back up and two girls holding strings 50m away with open mouths and one hand each up to their mouth. It was quite funny to watch but quite a shock for Matthew. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt.

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